Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kawsaki KLR250 Paint and Plastic Color Combinations

Like we mentioned earlier Kawasaki changed very few things on the KLR250 during its lifespan. The most prominent change was the varying paint and plastic color combinations. When trying to do research for the color combinations for each year of the KLR 250 we had a hard time finding much solid information as it varied from source to source. Wikipedia had a pretty comprehensive list but it didnt seem to match up with other sources. With that said here is our list of the color combos for each year. If you have more information on what we have right or wrong please let us know.

-1985 and 1986 Lime Green or White/Blue
lime green klr 250 1985
Thomas Perley Doon's 1985 KLR250 (source)

blue and white klr250 1986
Randy's 1986 KLR250 (source)

-1987 White/Blue/Red
red white and blue patriotic kawi klr250 1987
Tom Bakewell's 1987 KLR250 (source)

-1988 to 1989 White/Blue/Green
white blue and green klr250 klr 250 1988 1989
Triston Rynott's 1989 KLR250 (source)

-1990 to 1993 White/Light Blue
1990 1991 1992 1993 klr 250
Koop's 1991 KLR250 (source)

-1994 to 1996 Teal/Purple -These years were often referred to as the Barbie years because of the odd teal and purple paint scheme which looks like something Ken and Barbie would ride.
barbie purple teal klr250 1994 1995 1996
Ben's 1995 KLR250 (source)

-1997 to 1999 Dark Bluish Green
blue green klr250 1997 1998
Keith MacDermott's 1998 KLR250 (source)

-2000 Olive Green/Black
2000 army olive green klr250
Zachary's 2000 KLR250 (source)

-2001 to 2002 Silver/Olive Green
2001 2002 klr250

-2003 Black/Olive Green
2003 black and green klr250
Michael Ebersole's 2003 KLR250 (source)

-2004 to 2005 Black/Red

red and black klr 250

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  1. Are all plastics interchangeable throughout all the years? Same with gas tanks?

  2. Yep. The gas tank is interchangeable from year to year though I believe the fuel cap design changed at least once.

  3. Where can I buy 2001 to 2002 Silver/Olive Green plastic besides dealer?