Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kawasaki KLR 250 Owners Manual PDF

Many new owners of the Kawasaki KLR250 dual sport motorcycle aren't lucky enough to have the original owners manual for their bike. While they could probably find a replacement manual on ebay we just found out that Kawasaki offers a free PDF version of the manual on their website. The link below is for merged version of the manual for the 2005 KLR250. Although that should be suitable for all years of the KLR, you can also check out Kawasaki's site here for other years.
Kawasaki KLR250 Owners Manual

-Thanks to TealKLR250 for the find


  1. thanks BUNCHES for the information that you have posted on the KLR 250! i recently inherited a 2001 model and have been having a blast (and saving gas) but have been having a bit of trouble finding a concise site with details and diagrams. you rock.

    thanks, eric.

  2. Awesome! I have been looking for an owners manual for my klr 250 for a while but all I could find were ones for the klr 650. Will definitely come in handy. Thanks!

  3. will this manual work for a 1989 klr,

  4. Yes the are the same bikes from '85 to '95.

  5. The owners manual download is very much appreciated. I recently bought a 1986 KLR 250 White/Blue model. It runs pretty well but I am in the process of going through it to familiarize myself and give any preemptive maintenance that may be needed. The carburetor photos provided are also going to help a lot, as I am about to take it off, clean it, and replace the main jet with a 122. All I want is to have a dependable little bike that simply performs like it should. My initial 150 miles on nearby BLM 4 digit roads and some single tracks, already proves it will take me places that would be impossible with my beloved VF750S.

  6. does the 2000 year model have a battery and legal to ride on the roads in Texas

    1. All KLR250's have batteries and are yes they are legal for on road use in all 50 states.