Friday, March 11, 2011

KLR250 Torque Specs and Other Information

If you work on your bike yourself it is guaranteed that at some point you will be looking for torque specs for it. Thats usually a problem because the only place to get those numbers are from a factory service manual. Thats why we created this page, a one stop spot for torque specifications and other general information for the Kawasaki KLR250 dual sport motorcycle.

Alternator Output: 10.5A @ 8,000 rpm - 14v

Axle Nut Torque
-Front: 58 ft/lb
-Rear: 69 ft/lb

Brake Drum Inside Diameter: 120-120.14mm (service limit 120.75mm)
Brake Fluid Grade: DOT 3 or 4
Brake Pad Lining Thickness: 4.5mm (service limit 1mm)
Brake Pedal Free Play: 0-1.2" (0-30mm)
Brake Rotor Thickness: 2.8-3.1mm (service limit 2.5mm)
Brake Rotor Run Out: Less tahn 0.15mm (service limit .3mm)

Camshaft Bearing Inside Diameter: 23-23.013mm (service limit 23.07mm)
Camshaft Bearing Oil Clearance: 0.045-0.073mm (service limit 0.16mm)
Camshaft Chain Length: 20 link - 127-127.36mm (service limit 128.9mm)
Camshaft Journal Diameter: 22.940-22.955mm (service limit 22.91mm)

Carburetor Float Height: 17mm
Carburetor Main Jet: 118, 120, or 122
Carburetor Pilot Jet: 35

Chain Slack 0-5mm (between chain and swingarm, more info)
Chain Service Limit: 20 links - 12.7" (323mm)

Choke Lever Free Play: 0.08-0.12" (2-3mm)

Choke  Usage Guidelines
-68 to 95° F: Turn off after 15 seconds
-Below 68° F: Turn off after 1.5 minutes
-Below 40° F: Turn off after 2 minutes

Clutch Lever Free Play: 0.08-0.12" (2-3mm)
Clutch Friction Plate Thickness: 2.7-2.9mm (service limit 2.5mm)
Clutch Spring Free Length: 33.6mm (service limit 32.3mm)
Clutch Steel Plate Thickness: Less than 0.15mm (service limit 0.3mm)

Compression Test:  60-114 psi

Cooling System Capacity: 1.5L
Cooling System Mix: 50% water / 50% coolant
Cooling System Thermostat Opening Temp: 157-162° F
Cooling System Thermostat Fully Open Temp: 185° F

Cylinder Head Warp Limit: 0.05mm
Cylinder Inside Diameter: 74-74.102mm (service limit 74.10mm)

Engine Oil Capacity: 1.5-2.0L (varies by year, fill to proper sight glass)
Engine Oil Drain Plug Torque Spec: 16.5 ft/lb
Engine Oil Pressure: 14 psi at 4,000 rpm and 194° F 

Fork Air Pressure Recommendation: 0psi (2.8-4.3 psi on rough roads)
Fork Max Air Pressure: 36 psi
Fork Oil Capacity:  321-329ml (270ml after oil change)
Fork Oil Level: 190mm (fully compressed without spring)
Fork Oil Type: 10W20

Fork Spring Length: 421.5mm (service limit 413mm)

Headlight Bulb: 12v H4

Piston Diameter: 73.950-73.965mm (73.81mm)
Piston/Cylinder Clearance: 0.035mm-0.062mm

Piston Ring Groove Clearance
-Top Ring: 0.03-0.07mm (0.17mm)
-Second Ring: 0.02-0.06mm (0.16mm)

Piston Ring Groove Width
-Top Ring: 1.02-1.04mm (service limit 1.12mm)
-Second Ring: 1.01-1.03mm (service limit 1.12mm)
-Oil Ring: 2.51-2.53mm (service limit 2.6mm)

Piston Ring Thickness
-Top Ring: 0.97-0.99mm (service limit 0.9mm)
-Second Ring: 0.97-0.99mm (service limit 0.9mm)

Piston Ring End Gap
-Top Ring: 0.2-0.35mm (service limit 0.7mm)
-Second Ring: 0.2-0.35mm (service limit 0.7mm)
-Oil Ring: 0.2mm-0.7mm (service limit 1mm)

Radiator Cap Relief Pressure:  14-18 psi
Radiator Fan Switch On Temp: 201-212° F
Radiator Fan Switch Off Temp: 196° F

Rocker Arm Inside Diameter: 12.5-12.518mm (service limit 12.55mm)
Rocker Shaft Diameter: 12.466-12.484mm (service limit 12.44mm)

RPM Adjustment: 1,200-1,400 RPM

Spark Plug: NGKDPR9EA-9
Spark Plug Gap: .032-.036" (0.8-0.9mm)
Spark Plug Torque: 10 ft/lb

Taillight Bulb: 12v 1157 or 2357

Throttle Free Play: 0.08-0.12" (2-3mm)

Tire Pressure
-Up to 215lbs: 21 psi
-215lbs to 330lbs: 25 psi

Turn Signal Bulbs: 12v 1156

Valve Clearance Spec
-Intake: 0.008-0.009" (0.20-0.24mm)
-Exhaust: 0.008-0.009" (0.20-0.24mm)

Valve Guide Clearance
-Intake: 0.02-0.08mm (0.24mm)
-Exhaust: 0.06-0.12mm (0.26mm)

Valve Guide Inside Diameter
-Intake: 5.500-5.512mm (service limit 5.58mm)
-Exhaust: 5.500-5.512mm (service limit 5.58mm)

Valve Head Thickness
-Intake: 0.5mm (service limit 0.25mm)
-Exhaust: 1mm (service limit 0.7mm)

Valve Seat Surface Outside Diameter
-Intake: 28.4-28.5mm
-Exhaust: 24-24.2mm

Valve Seat Surface Width
-Intake: 0.5-1.0mm
-Exhaust: 0.5-1.0mm

Valve Seat Cutting Angle: 32°, 45°, 60°

Valve Spring Free Length
-Inner: 36.3mm (service limit 35mm)
-Outer: 39.2mm (service limit 37.5mm)

Valve Stem Diameter
-Intake: 5.475-5.490mm (service limit 5.46mm)
-Exhaust: 5.455-5.470mm (service limit 5.44mm)

NOTE: These specs are for reference only. Specifications can change from model year to model year so it is highly recommended that you consult the factory service manual for your particular year KLR250 before working on your bike.


  1. Your a life Saver!!!

  2. Great suff. Thanks for your time putting this together.

  3. great info. after adjusting every cable,carb ,choke cable there was on my 86 KLR because of cold start problems,uneven idleing(sometimes it idled fast and sometimes it wouldnt idle at all)All it took was adjustment of the intake valves.It corrected every issue and was very simple to do.

  4. Nice reference, but incomplete. Clutch specs, but no torque specs for the pressure plate spring bolts? How about the the clutch cover screws?

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  6. Curt,
    Do you have the gauges? Do they all work and look decent? Mine all work, but the speedo needle decided to fall off the other day on my '85! If you have them, what would you want for them... or if you want, just the speedo.

  7. i have 2 klrs one runnin and one complete bike spare lookin to sell both together the runner is white/blue and in great condition any ideas what price range i shud ask for

    1. If the mileage is very little you could get 2,000 easy but if it is higher, say 10,000 you should ask for 1,500. I bought mine with only 3,000 on it for 1,500, the price was vary low for that year and miles.

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    1. I don't know if they ship to your country but has them

    2. Are there any Kawasaki dealers in your country? You should also be able to order them through them as well.

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